Welcome Ms. Leroy

Alice became our newest PhD student. 


Open position

We are opening a 17-month post-doctoral researcher position at SMMiL-E (LIMMS Lille lab).
Information & application details are found here :



We are moving to recently built ONCOLILLE building. We thank IRCL and COL for creating us the best environment possible for the last 6 years.

Welcome Dr. Rezard

Quentin has joined the CYTOMEMS project as a post-doctoral fellow. The lab would not be the same without you.

Congratulations Dr. Rezard

Quentin defended his thesis titled “High-throughput identification of circulating cancer cells using their biophysical signature” supervised by Pr. Fabricio Cleri and Dr. Cagatay Tarhan.
Congratulations Dr. Rezard! 


Welcome Dr. Simiuc

Dana has joined the SMMiL-E as a post-doctoral fellow. She continues the work of Juliette with Dr. Soncin.

Farewell to Dr. Cholet!
Dr. Cholet is leaving us after over a year in the SMMiL-E team, LIMMS/CNRS-IIS. Wish you all the best Juliette!

Published article
Our work on blood vessel-on-chip, “Multi-layered human blood vessels-on-chip design using double viscous finger patterning”, was published at Biomedicines.


Editorial choices

Our recent articles have been selected as:


Hot Articles of 2022 (Lab on a Chip):
Editor’s choice (Micromachines):

The SMMiL-E School: The 2nd International School on BioMEMS
The second SMMiL-E School has been started. Similar to last year, the school is held online.
Published article
Our work on pairing immunological cells, “Pairing cells of different sizes in a microfluidic device for immunological synapse monitoring”, was published at Lab on a Chip.

CYTOMEMS kick-off meeting

Our new ANR project has officially started. The CYTOMEMS project has been built on the collaboration among LIMMS, MODAL, Junia and Asygn. We target developing a smart MEMS equipment performing high content biophysical characterisation of cells in flow for their classification by statistical learning.

Congratulations Dr. Delannoy

Elise defended her PhD studies. Congratulations Dr. Delannoy! Wish you all the best in your bright future.
Published article
Our review article “Fabricating Silicon Resonators for Analysing Biological Samples” was published at Micromachines, in the Special Issue Micro/Nano Fabrication for Life Sciences.
SMMiL-E evaluation day
We hosted colleagues from all over France and Tokyo for the SMMiL-E evaluation day.
PhD defence @ 13 December 2021, the Amphitheatre of IEMN
Ms. Delannoy will be defending her thesis titled “Modèles de vaisseaux sanguins sur puce pour l’étude des fonctions de la barrière endothéliale” supervised by Dr. Fabrice Soncin, Dr. Dominique Collard and Dr. Anthony Treizebre.
Presentation @ 9th conference of the French Angiogenesis Society
Ms. Delannoy presented her work @ 9th conference of the French Angiogenesis Society. A special congratulations for receiving the best oral presentation award.
Invited talk @ 38th Sensors Symposium by Dr. M. C. Tarhan
Dr. Tarhan gives a talk on “MEMS sensors for single-cell biophysical analysis” as an invited talk at 38th Sensors Symposium:
Presentations @MEMS’22
Two of SMMiL-E members are accepted to present their work @MEMS conference. Congratulations Quentin and Bahram.
Farewell to Dr. Senez!
Dr. Senez is moving to CANTHER after 3 years in the SMMiL-E team, LIMMS/CNRS-IIS.
Invited talk @ International Symposium on Upcoming Prominent ENgineering solutions (ISUPEN 2021) by Dr. M. C. Tarhan
Dr. Tarhan gives a talk on “Silicon actuators for biological applications” as an invited talk at International Symposium on Upcoming Prominent ENgineering solutions (ISUPEN 2021):
Our next project on high-throughput biophysical characterisation of single cells has received an ANR PRCE grant. We will be working with Asygn. 
A new collaboration
We are collaborating with Hélène Castel, Samuel Meignan and Michel Salzet in a CNO project on glioblastoma. 
Invited talk @ IEEE NEMS by Dr. M. C. Tarhan
Dr. Tarhan gives a talk on “Mechanosensing of biological samples with silicon-based microsystems” in the invited session on Micro-/Nanofluidic Devices and Systems at IEEE NEMS 2021:
Our new director
Pr. Dominique Collard is back to be the SMMiL-E director. Congratulations Pr. Collard!
Sayonara Grégoire!
Dr. Perret is leaving SMMiL-E after 5 years of hard work. We appreciate all the efforts on building SMMiL-E. Live long and prosper, Grégoire… Or shall we say, may the force be with you!
The SMMiL-E School
The first SMMiL-E School was held from Mar. 8th to Mar. 19th, 2021. Online lectures due to the COVID-19 could not stop us to have a successful school with Japanese and French students.
Presentations @MEMS’21
Three of SMMiL-E members have presented their work @MEMS conference. Congratulations Frédérick, Quentin and Vincent. A special congratulation to Vincent for being selected as the best student paper award.
Congratulations Dr. De Miollis
Frédérick defended his PhD studies. Congratulations Dr. De Miollis!
Dr. Juliette Cholet, researcher on the Labcom project, and Ms. Aki KIUCHI, our new administrator, joined SMMiL-E. Welcome, Juliette and Aki…
Dr. Deniz Pekin and Ms. Ayano Tanaka are leaving SMMiL-E. We wish them a successful future…
Presentations @MEMS’21
Three of SMMiL-E members are accepted to present their work @MEMS conference. Congratulations Frédérick, Quentin and Vincent.
Bahram Ahmadian joining SMMiL-E
Mr. Ahmadian is our new PhD student working with Dr. Tarhan. Welcome Bahram!
Plenary talk @13th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy on December 2-4 by Dr. Vincent Senez
Dr. Senez will be presenting his work on “Monitoring organ on a chip with impedance spectroscopy: application to infection and cancer” as a plenary talk at 13th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy:
Open Finance Accounts Officer position position

We are opening a 12 to 13-month Finance Accounts Officer position at SMMiL-E (LIMMS Lille lab). Information & application details are found here :

A CNRS prematuration program kick-off 

Developing a method for biophysical cell characterisation is now supported by CNRS prematuration program. Congratulations, Dr. Dominique Collard. 


Open post-doctoral researcher position
A post-doctoral researcher position on a “vessel-on-chip” project within BioPharMEMS activities is open now. Information & application details are here:


Presentations @µTAS’20
Three of SMMiL-E members will be presenting their work @µTAS conference. Congratulations Elise, Faruk and Quentin.
Invited talk @ICRA on June 2nd by Dr. Collard and Dr. Tarhan
Dr. Collard and Dr. Tarhan will be presenting an overview of the Silicon NanoTweezers studies as an invited talk at the Workshop on the applications of micro-nanorobotics taking place during the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) –
SMMiL-E activities are resuming after the confinement period due to Covid-19. But we are still having on-line group meetings 

SMMIL-E website is just opening. News are coming soon