PhD student 

Supervisor: (M. C. Tarhan)

Digital systems and life sciences group, Junia, Lille, France
BioMEMS group, IEMN, Lille, France



  • 2020 M. Sc., Biomedical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • 2017 B. Sc., Biomedical Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


  • 2018 Technical supervisor of Tajhizat Gostar Mobin Eng. Co (representative of College Park industries) 
  • 2019 Implementation consultant of ISO 13485 medical device


  • Visualizing subcellular element of the cell simultaneously with mechanical characterizations
    The response of the cell to the mechanical stimulation created various changes in the structure of the subcellular elements which need to be observed by visualization technic. Due to the real-time response of the subcellular elements to the mechanical stimulation. we need to visualize the subcellular elements simultaneously with the mechanical measurements to evaluate the response of the cell and its subcellular element under the mechanical stimulation. Therefore, we use Silicon Nano Tweezers (SNT) integrated with a microfluidic device for measuring a mechanical property of the cell and the visualization is performed with confocal microscopy simultaneously with mechanical measurements.
  • Classification of the cancer cells according to their biophysical signatures
    Several tools have been developed as powerful recognition probes in the detection and distinguishing of cancer cells, but the high complexity of the detection process makes different restrictions to use them in clinical applications. Among different biomarkers which is used for detecting and distinguishing the cancer cell, biophysical properties are promising biomarkers to distinguish different cell lines. because they do not require any staining processes and can be measured instantaneously. Here, we target to distinguish different cancer cell lines according to the biophysical properties by applying statistical learning on the biophysical properties measured by MEMS tweezers.


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