Work Packages

The scientific activities encompass BioMEMS research against Cancer – technology development and bio related experiments – as an original interdisciplinary approach to the SIRIC ONCO-Lille program. The projects aims to bridge fundamental and clinical research around 4 work packages related to the scale of transferred biotechnologies:

WP1 : Resistance in biomolecular mechanism

  • DNA degradation under X-ray (radiotherapy)
  • Molecules interaction dynamics (chemotherapy)

Application : Therapy and combined therapies

WP2 : Cellular evaluation and diagnosis

  • Cell sorting, Circulating tumor cells, Stem cells
  • Cellular senescence and tumoral resistance

Application : Diagnosis, Therapy monitoring

WP3 : Tumors and therapeutic targets

  • Development of tumor angiogenesis
  • Cellular motilify and metastatic processes

Application : Mechanism of action, drug evaluation

WP4 : Biological adhesives and neotissues

  • Biological glues, cellular fibers
  • Patch and new-tissues

Application : Reconstructive surgery

By means of an upstream research, this program targets more effective disease detection, a strengthened efficacy of therapy and post-treatment monitoring, for a better care to patient.