• DNA alteration under radiotherapy revealed by Silicon Nano Tweezers
    We report the first real-time biomechanical measurement of DNA bundle degradation in stable condition when exposed to a therapeutic radiation beam and a theoretical model to describe DNA damages. The Silicon Nano Tweezers (SNT) and their new microfluidic system endure the harsh environment of radiation beams and still retain molecular-level accuracy. This result paves the way for both fundamental and clinical studies of DNA degradation under radiation for improved tumor treatment.


  • Real-time measurement of the physical properties of DNA-ligand complexes 
    We are using a MEMS gripper device, Silicon Nanotweezers (SNT), to monitor the stiffness of λ-phage DNA through increasing concentrations of ligands (such as Doxorubicin (a DNA binding drug widely used in chemotherapy), SybrGreen and Hoechst) in real-time. The study of the mechanical properties of DNA-ligand complexes can provide valuable insight on the biological implications of such complexes in-vivo.